Beauty and Bath Soaps

1.Natural Soaps-Saffron Soap,Black Pepper Cinnamon Soap,Shea Butter Lavender Basil Soap, Coffee Vanilla Soap, Clay Soap, Ashtagandha Soap,Kyphi Soap,Mango Butter Soap,Aloe Vera Neem Tulsi Soap,Honey Oatmeal Soap,Ginger Orange Papaya Soap etc.
2.Transparent Glycerin Soap-Rose Glycerin Soap,Sandal Glycerin Soap,Mint Glycerin Soap,Lavender Glycerin Soap,Aloe Vera Glycerin Soap, Neem Tulsi Glycerin Soap, Lemon Glycerin Soap, Kewda Glycerin Soap, Turmeric Glycerin Soap,Champa Glycerin Soap etc.
3.KHADI Kutir Soap-Rose Kutir Soap,Lemon Kutir Soap,Mint Kutir Soap,Jasmine Kutir Soap,Sandal Kutir Soap,Turmeric Kutir Soap,Tulsi Kutir Soapetc.


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